Who we are

Roger Overall
Creative Director & Frontman


I'm a messy creative type who spills out all over the place. Photographer, film maker, animator, writer, cartoonist, podcaster... I fought it for a long time and tried to squeeze into a single box. Then, one day, I had to admit I was all these things. Show & Tell allows me to have all of these identities.

Regardless of the medium, I've been helping people tell their stories and share their knowledge since the late 1990s. Sometimes behind a desk, often on location—once in the South American jungle even.

I'm the lead on all of our projects—the person you'll have at your side from start to finish. It's my job to make sure our formula (Valuable + Clear + Appealing = Effective) is applied to your message and that you have a wondrous experience working with us.

I write about sustainable running, sustainable living and a sustainable world here: Spierkater and the World.

Anne O'Leary
Editorial Director & Word Herder


[Note: Anne is very modest. When asked to write her bio, she wrote, "I put words in right order the". That doesn't do her justice. So, Roger wrote what follows]

Anne is Show & Tell's guardian of the dictionary and slayer of ambiguity. She brings clarity and elegance to our work.

Anne is a hugely experienced editor and sub-editor.

She has worked extensively in the newspaper and magazine industry in Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands.

Anne is a writer too. Her short stories have been published in anthologies, literary journals and newspapers, as well as broadcast online. She writes Wordherding, a popular blog about writing.

Paul O'Mahony
Consultant Storyteller & Clarion


[Note: Roger also wrote this.]

Paul is a writer, poet and audio broadcaster. He is a master of many social media platforms and adores the spoken word. He engages easily and brings people out of their shell. You won't be a stranger for long in his company.

Paul has decades of business development and corporate storytelling experience. He has an uncanny ability to draw out and express the essence of a business or organisation. He guides us and provides insights about life and business drawn from a rich store.

He is connoisseur of many things. Opera and gin and Walt Whitman among them. His curiosity is boundless and coupled with an enthusiasm for spontaneous adventure.

Paul merges clarity with lyricism. The results are always utterly engaging. See for yourself here: From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace.

A wider network of creatives

To help us deliver the best possible messages and content for our clients, we draw on the talents of many independent creatives. Each one is exceptionally good at what they do: animators, sound engineers, graphic designers... to name only a few.

Mark Cotton (the Audiowrangler) deserves a special mention. He is a sound engineer and musician whose talents are boundless. At least, we haven't found their limits yet. He has provided audio and musical support for our podcasts and videos for years. The first name on the team sheet of any project we do that requires audio work.


Business Jazz

Paul and Roger host a weekly podcast about genuinely attractive business. Mark helped greatly to launch and support it.


What we stand for

What we stand for

What guides us

When we set up Show & Tell, we had a few guiding principles. We wanted a business we could be proud of. One that helped others achieve their goals.

If they appeal to you, you're probably the kind of person who'd enjoy working with us.

Show & Tell is straightforward and easy to deal with. Clarity is our lifeblood.

We like to establish long-term relationships based on respect.

We enjoy working with people who are building a better world. They enable us to do our very best work.

We want to take you and your audience to surprising places.

We strive to be remembered. We want you and your content to be, too.

This is what we believe:

Strong relationships are built on integrity and openness.Effective content is useful, clear and attractive. Effective content is empowering, enlightening and entertaining.

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