Don't be delighted.

Or excited.

We don't care

about your share,

when all you do

is talk about you.

Ugh. Why do so many businesses tell people they are "excited to announce ..."? That they're "delighted to announce..."?

I hope your company doesn't.

You see, very few people (nobody, in fact) is excited or delighted by your announcement.

But—you are implying that they should be. You're expecting them to validate your excitement—share in it even. You're waiting for their compliments, their likes, their enthusiasm.

You're basically saying, "Am I not just absolutely amazingly fantastic?" and expecting a chorus of approval from your audience.

(Excuse me while I vomit a little bit).

What have you done for them to expect their adoration? No. Wrong question. What have you done for them to DESERVE it?

For most businesses, the answer is "Nothing". Most businesses talk about themselves and how super they think they are. Truth is, if those companies were sucked down a sinkhole tomorrow, nobody would miss them. That probably goes for your company too.

What people would miss are companies that think about their audience first. Companies that aren't delighted about their own over-excitingly overrated announcements. Instead, they seek out and promote the real achievements of others. They are delighted and excited for their target audience.

They are the kind of company that, before it broadcasts to the world, considers what value its message will bring to others. That kind of message is never an excited or delighted boast.