Imagine this.

Your business is fresh out of the wrapper. Not a mark on it. Not a customer or client to its name. Not yet a week or month in business, let alone a year.

All your competitors have been around a long time. They have experience. They have track records, impressive client lists and tried-and-tested products. They are gnarly and calloused. And much bigger than you.

They have a blazing aura of credibility.

What have you got?

How do you compete with these beasts?

You tell a bloody good story about how the status quo isn't the best solution. You want to improve the market. You tell the world that your business isn't satisfied with the way things are being done. You are offering an alternative. From now on, there is a more human way. More efficient. More empathetic. More suitable. More sustainable. More enlightened. A way that brings benefits everyone—your client, society, the planet.

And who better to bring change than you? You, a business that isn't shackled to the old ways? One that sees the faults and isn't beholden to them. A business that doesn't have bags of experience of doing things you don't agree with. Instead, you are working from a clean slate and building a business based on how you believe things should be done, rather than on how they are being done.

Can you feel how appealing this is? How appetising you've made your business?

If your business offers something fresh and innovative, driven by the fire in your belly, your inexperience of the old ways becomes attractive. Potentially, irresistible.

The latest episode of Business Jazz is all about being attractive when your business is new and doesn't have a track record. Does that sound appealing? If it does, join us here: Business Jazz S3E4.

Each episode has a cartoon:

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