Show & Tell’s Pantry of Curiosities Newsletter, 14th June 2019


Unmemorable news!

I'm sitting at my home office desk, safe from falling trees*. The tree that was threatening our granny annexe has been safely cut up. (The family has firewood for the winter.) The manly men with chainsaws told me the tree was only being held up by the electricity cable it was resting against. The threat is gone. A happy end.

Stories with happy endings are best for the characters—they are less memorable for the audience.

Is it better to end a story abruptly and sadly?

In other news, Paul

Roger (& Paul & Anne)

* Unless one drops off a passing aeroplane.

Don't Stop ...

Our [GAB*] Tip 

Be brave and unflinching in your endings. People will talk about them for decades.

The Sopranos Way: 

Family is love, difficulty & protection.
Eat together.
Wife. Son. Daughter.
And her obstinate car.
Remember the good times.
Live in the now.
Because you never know
when the empty seat next to you
gives the assassin a clear shot to the end.

*Genuinely Attractive Business

Podcasting is for easing the burden of others

“Your podcast content should not be about you, but about solving your prospects’ problems.”

Steve Lubetkin, Journalist, Podcast Producer, and Author

3 Podcasts that solve problems:

(1) More or Less: Behind the Stats
(2) Grazia Life Advice
(3) Magicians Advice Podcast

We (Roger & Paul) share our "Business Jazz Podcast" weekly:  
Here's an extra special episode (even insiders don't know it exists):

"The Lost Episode".

Roger creates a visual for each episode. Usually, it's a cartoon. It invites people to listen. The Lost Episode never got a cartoon. Will you accept this indulgence instead? (Bad news is best delivered with a joke?):


Past work—Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board


Dublin and Dún Laoghaire Education and Training Board is where children, teenagers and adults learn. Documentary photography to show genuine pupils and students developing and growing. A commission through Granite, who build magnificent websites that make the internet a more pleasing place.

Your next step

Your next step could be the one that brings an end to your story. That's all right. You can tell another one. A new story about your business. A fresh set of images. A second episode of your podcast—maybe even a second season? A weekly newsletter to your customers.

Mata Hari once asked Ian Fleming"What happens after James Bond defeats the villain?" 

There is always another villain. They don't stop. They never stop. The stories go on.

(If we were Bond villains, we'd want to change the world and relentlessly shoot out newsletters until we won.)

Thank you very much for not closing the door on us. 

Have a [GAB] week,

Roger (and Anne and Paul)

PS—Villains bend the truth about historical meetings.