The company

Show and Tell Communications Ltd is a Private Company Limited by Shares that is registered in the Republic of Ireland under Part 2, Companies Act 2014.

Company number: 559963

Directors: Roger Overall & Anne O'Leary

Registered address: Lotamore, Glanmire, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland

Your privacy

Contact form

When you fill in the contact form on this website, an email is sent to hello [at] We use Google Mail as our email service.

A copy of your email is stored on Google's servers and on Show & Tell computers and smart devices that access this the hello [at] email account.

Your details aren't placed in a database, nor passed to third parties. You won't be added to our newsletter subscription database.

We will only use the information you have provided in the contact form to follow up with you regarding your enquiry.

Newsletter subscription

If you subscribe to our newsletter via the website (please do, by the way, it enlightens, empowers and entertains), your details are added automatically to a database on Mailchimp’s servers.

Mailchimp is the email newsletter service we use. It’s run by monkeys, but they are ethical ones. They insist we use best practice when adding people to our list and maintaining it.

You will stay on our active mailing list for as long as you choose. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you do unsubscribe, Mailchimp deactivates your details so that we cannot use them. To do this, Mailchimp keeps a copy of your information to make sure we don’t accidentally (or intentionally) add you again to the active list. Mailchimp doesn’t do anything else with your data. They might be monkeys, but they aren’t cheeky ones.

Deleting your information

We don’t want to keep your information for any longer than we have to. We’re sure you don’t want us to either. We run a data purge twice a year, deleting any emails that have been sent to us through our online contact form.

If you signed up for the newsletter, your details will be stored on Mailchimp’s servers in our active subscriber list (see above). You can unsubscribe at any time and you won’t get any more newsletter emails. Your data will be transferred to an inactive list on Mailchimp’s servers so that Mailchimp can prevent us from accidentally (or intentionally) adding you to the active list again. Mailchimp doesn’t do anything else with your data.

Do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our data management policy, just drop us a line at through our contact form.